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Bright Club Guildford #8

Can academics do stand-up? Come to Bright Club at Bar des Arts in Guildford on Thursday 13 February at 7.30pm to find out! Bright Club is the thinking person’s variety night where comedians and musicians are joined by scientists and researchers who have created comedy out of the clever and fascinating things that they do.

Research is great! Okay, so it can’t necessarily stop relentless rain. But what it can do is produce a great evening’s entertainment, a sparkling comedy dew drop in the midst of a damp Surrey February. Bright Club Guildford is the smartest show in town and the thinking person’s variety night.

At Bright Club Guildford #8, comedians and musicians share the bill with scientists and other researchers who have prodded and probed their specimens, distilled the humour and are ready to share the results of their experimentation with a friendly crowd. They’ll be joined by hilarious compere Nish Kumar and ukulele songstress Jo Stephenson who will grace the stage of Bar Des Arts for your delectation, entertainment and enlightenment.

Bright Club has been part of the Guildford entertainment scene for two years now, with seven sold out shows at Bar des Arts, plus two extra special shows at the Electric Theatre for Christmas 2012 and Summer 2013. It has featured over 30 University of Surrey academics and researchers so far that have performed stand-up comedy inspired by research.

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In fact, some of them are so good that they performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last summer and have been kind enough to give their thoughts on Bright Club…

“Presenting a lecture or a conference paper is one thing, making our research simultaneously accessible, comprehensible and funny requires a whole new set of skills. I love the fact that I got such positive feedback from people who previously knew very little about my field of study” – Diane Watt

“Like a bungee jump: once you take the plunge, thoroughly exhilarating” – Jock McOrist

“The adrenaline kick before was incredible!! Anxiety was sky high – no amount of lecturing prepares you for how to make a room full of people laugh!!” – Sub Reddy

Tickets will cost £6 and can be bought from HERE.

Ellen Dowell