Early Autumn Style Lifestyle

Early Autumn Style

Our in house blogger, Tilly Tasker, gives some great hints and tips on what the early Autumn style is like this year, so keep your eyes peeled unless you want to be left out in the cold!

Autumn is my favorite season, I can’t argue with it; good food on the table, the leaves on the trees turn a million different warm hues and fashion is always at its best! Which is why I am so excited to be writing this post! With the new season on our doorstep, I have bought together some of my most recent fashion finds, both old and new, label and vintage and styled them to suit the current climate.

But, along with new seasons, there come new trends which sometimes leave us frowning and scratching our heads, wondering what the designers were thinking. Sometimes, in order to find clothes and fashion that we enjoy, we have to step outside of our comfort zones! I’ve decided to be brave for this season and find some budget-friendly ideas for adapting the new season trends

The Country Club

The Country Club

Heavy, colourful prints from the 1980’s like chains, gold and bling with splashes of abstract colour have taken a countryside twist this autumn. Think leather, horses, gun tackle and more making their way into fashion in the form of illustrated prints. Although I found this midi skirt in a charity shop (£2.99?! Daylight robbery!), I was extremely happy with my buy! Team up statement prints with more casual numbers, like this H&M slouchy jumper or simple black and white t-shirts- prints like this are hot to trot.

Top tip: not feeling the choker necklace trend this season? Me neither. But if you want to create a choker necklace nonetheless for just one night without spending the money, double twist a long pendant necklace for a quick fix and zero pennies!

Berry Shades of Autumn

Berry Shades of Autumn

It wouldn’t be autumn without the deep reds, blues and gothic lipstick! I’ve decided to play with tones and textures for this outfit- a knitted dress with crochet sleeves, teamed up with leather leggings (a recent purchase from H&M). I also went to a fashion show hosted by Fashion Live UK at the Friary Centre where I was shown just how versatile a pair of leather leggings could be, I had to try the look out for myself!

Teaming them up with knitted woolen textures, I thought I should add a splash of autumn print and colour to make the outfit really bang on trend. My tartan scarf is from Miss Selfridge and once again I was inspired at the show to wear it differently. The scarf itself is big and wide enough to double as a shawl or pass off for a blanket coat. Neat! Just stick with thee principal autumn colours like navy, black and red/yellow/brown and you can’t go wrong!

Great Lengths

Great Lengths

The midi skirt trend has been notoriously difficult to master since the beginning; imagine our confusion when baggy shorts suddenly reached beyond our knees! But nonetheless, I wouldn’t deserve to be writing for This Is Our Town if I didn’t actually try new things every once in a while. The ‘Boy Short’ trend is actually surprisingly comfortable but definitely needs a little something to bring it back into the realms of feminine fashion. Which is why I’ve embraced the belt trend too, as shown here.

Wear your boy shorts high on your waist and bring the whole outfit together with a belt, that way your figure is not lost beneath the volumes of fabrics. I feel that it may be a while before the boy short shakes of its ‘statement’ status, so keep your shirts and tops as neutral as possible. I opted for a plain, sleeveless jersey shirt in this case as it’s comfortable, simple and can easily be given a facelift when you add a sparkly necklace. So… be brave and give them a go!

Tilly Tasker