Get Lost In: A Lovely Trip to St Martha’s

Each week we will be bringing you some hidden gems from around Guildford as part of our ‘Get Lost In…’ feature. Today’s post features Serra’s blog called ‘Passport, Camera- Words in my Mind’, this week entitled A Lovely Trip to St Martha’s. Serra’s blog is a description of what it is like to be a foreign national living in Guildford and the different perspective that might give to one that has lived and grown up here in England.

We decided to take the Pilgrims Way on an incredibly sunny ‘Sun’day and I couldn’t believe that just opposite The Weyside pub, five minutes from the town centre, we reached fully green areas of countryside. I was shocked to think that I have been living here for months and never discovered this place, where nature had decided to paint a scene with a soft brush of green and slight sprinkles of yellow. We are living so close to such untouched, vast green areas in this town, very close to the tip of your nose and it is fantastic!


We soon found our souls in the silent forest, where only the birds, squirrels and creatures who have their homes there have the right to make a noise. We obeyed this untold rule as we walked, listening to the wind and observing nature’s own way as rays of light fell down upon us, like a waterfall on the leaves and the ground.

A few minutes later, the forest gave way to an open area, where we saw a few horses, enjoying the sun and the grass. One of them approached us immediately; he was gorgeous- shiny like a black pearl in the bright day. Another one walked towards us, but this one was a little bit shy and a curious white horse looked up and approached, sniffing everything.

White Horse

We started to climb the steep road up the hill and the views on the right hand side were amazing- luckily we reached the top and St Martha’s church just as we were out of breath. The view from the church garden was stunning; a 360 degree panoramic view. It is not possible to capture the ambiance with ordinary cameras (so thank you for providing the stunning aerial shot at the top) and really you have to live it yourself.

There was a family having a picnic on the grass, cute little children laughing and playing around and some elderly folk who had come to enjoy the fresh air and sun. After getting some fruit juice that they were selling at the church door, we regained our breath, felt the wind and sun, sat down on the stones and enjoyed our food. We rested a while, taking off shoes, letting tired toes meet the sun and tried to take in as much of the greenery as we could.

Later we headed back down the hill and entered a narrow, new path inside one of the fields. More interestingly, we were not alone on the path; there were other people with their children, walking their dogs too. What a lovely way of meeting with nature for a child! However this was nothing new to them, a usual Sunday walk where I was overcome by how much British people love to greet each other as they meet.

Serra Topal