Guildford Farmers Market

Guildford Farmers Market is currently in its unlucky 13th year, but luckily for the residents of Guildford it has been a successful event in the centre of town since its inception in 2000. The farmers market is held on the first Tuesday of every month (except in January) on Guildford High Street and is always a bustling and thriving place to be.

Guildford is the archetypal ‘market town’ and the busy nature of market trading has been a large part of Guildford’s history over the years so it is great to see this old tradition going strong. The modern world is littered with chains and corporations fighting for custom and supremacy on our high streets, so if you get a chance, go support your community and local business by buying some independent produce on the first Tuesday of each month.

The Farmers Market is full of high quality seasonal produce which is all sourced and grown locally, so not only can you pick up some delicious, freshly cooked snacks, but you can grab some raw ingredients and rustle something up that evening from scratch. Due to the nature of the market, you can ask questions, find out more about growing, rearing and manufacturing methods, speak with fellow shoppers and learn a little more about some fantastic local businesses. Stop in for a few minutes or spend a whole afternoon perusing the stalls, there is plenty to see…

Usually there will be stalls for fresh meat, fish, cheese and eggs along with fruit & veg, breads, patisseries, cakes & chocolates. Sample from the wide range of pickles, chutneys, sauces, honeys, oils, spices, garlic and herbs or maybe grab yourself an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. There is a huge amount of organic produce, and other features often include a Farm BBQ and other freshly cooked products such as paella, sausages, chestnuts, hog roast (all depending on season) live animals for petting, a selection of flowers and plants and local crafts such as jewellery, pottery and wicker baskets etc.

James Martin