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Hi, I’m Jess Curnier, a new resident Pilates instructor in Surrey. I have recently set up my own business, Jessica Pilates, which offers private sessions and small group matwork classes in Guildford, Normandy, West Horsley and Worplesdon.

So what is Pilates and how could you benefit from regular practise?

Pilates is a gentle form of low impact exercise designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, particularly those of the core, to restore muscle balance, improve posture and reduce body aches and pain. It was created in the early 1900s by German born Joseph Pilates who combined numerous sport and art forms, including yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, skiing, fencing and dance, into a single exercise regime. Pilates rebuilds the spine, making you feel taller, longer and leaner. It reconnects mind and body, increasing body awareness, concentration and promoting relaxation. It builds muscle tone and encourages joints to work through their full range of motion, helping you feel stronger, more supple and mobile. Forget that tiring neck ache or lower back stiffness, as Pilates can help rid you of all this discomfort. I can guarantee that a well-rounded workout with me will leave you feeling energised, empowered and motivated, encouraging you to live your day with positivity and body confidence.

So what makes Jessica Pilates different from the rest?

There are a number of Pilates instructors out there already, with two large studios already in the Guildford town centre, so why come to Jessica Pilates? Well, my aim is to make everyone fall in love with Pilates, if not after the first session, then definitely after the first block of six. My desire is to better educate people about the benefits of Pilates and encourage more people to engage in what I consider to be a mind and body transforming discipline. Being passionate about my work drives me to help my clients achieve their goals in health and fitness; whether that is rehabilitation from an injury, eliminating daily aches and pain, feeling stronger, more mobile and less stressed, or just simply toning. The thought of exercise fills many of us with dread, but I aim to motivate my clients by making classes fun, dynamic, interactive and accessible to all. As a member of Body Control Pilates, the internationally leading organisation in Pilates teacher training, I am continually undergoing training to update my knowledge and learn new developments in the field. This helps to keep my classes fresh, innovative and challenging. Never will an hour of exercise pass so fast and leave you feeling so invigorated and alive!

Want to find out more? Then visit my website HERE or send me an email at [email protected]. All information regarding my classes can be found on my website, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you might be interested in learning more and potentially trying out this new method of body conditioning. Your first taster session in a group class is FREE, so why not experience something new and fall in love with Pilates!

Jessica Curnier