Kayaking down the River Wey

Each month we will be bringing you some Hidden Gems from around Guildford as part of our Get Lost In… feature. This time round we have a lovely little description of Kayaking down the River Wey with the Wey Kayak Club from our in-house blogger Charli Aisha Harris.

There are a variety of different ways to enjoy the beautiful River Wey, Guildford’s own little slice of the countryside that winds its way through the town and beyond. Dog walkers, cyclists and families feeding the ducks will be familiar with the sights of sprawling fields, grazing cattle and flocks of noisy ducks, eager to be tossed a slice of bread. But there is another way of enjoying the river that involves taking to the water itself; kayaking.

If you have ever been for a stroll by the river, taken a barge down the canal, had a beer at one of the many pub gardens along its banks or gone for a picnic on the grass then there is a strong chance that you will have seen members from the Wey Kayak Club slicing through the water. Like a powerful, well-oiled machine, kayakers paddle with a rhythmic ferocity, propelling themselves along the river with a beautiful fluidity.

Unfortunately, novices venturing out onto the water for the first time are more likely to be going round in circles than going straight to begin with and probably won’t be gliding with the same elegance as the highly trained Wey Kayak Club members.

Wey 2

The River Wey is a fairly still and serene body of water with a comparatively gentle current, ideal for beginners. If you do get a chance to go out on the river via kayak, then be mindful of the difficulty of getting into your little vessel first. Once this challenge has been hurdled, you should be able to truly enjoy the experience; the coolness of the river, the inquisitive ducks and the sunlight through the trees all provide a feeling of intimacy and peace.

Kayaking, is a physically demanding sport and not for the fainthearted, but the sense of community you feel when on the river makes it all worthwhile. From families on their houseboats, fishermen on the banks, walkers, cyclists and rowers; there is a simplistic and idyllic feel that allows you to drift away from the busy town life.

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself or with your friends or family, then check out the Wey Kayak Club website HERE, or pop down to see them at the Weyside Centre on Riverside Road in Bellfields (01483536407). It is a wonderful way to gain a new insight into the beautiful River Wey.

Charli Aisha Harris