Prezzo Food & Drink


The Guildford branch of Prezzo is located at the pinnacle of the charming and iconic cobbled High Street, amongst some of the other major players in the restaurant chain business. Many locals head to the top of town to enjoy a relatively good value meal from a trusted brand such as Pizza Express, Zizzi’s, CAU, Giraffe or err, McDonalds and KFC. So why choose Prezzo instead of any of the afore mentioned? Here’s a rundown of what to expect from this Italian chain.

There are more than 200 Prezzo restaurants across the UK now, with the first opening in Central London in 2000. Many of the restaurants (which are all individually designed) have been built on the sites of a number of listed buildings. Although that’s not the case for Prezzo Guildford, it does boast a chic, monochrome interior with ultra-modern lighting and does have a really classy feel to the place. Although the exterior won’t be turning many heads with its simple, matt black decoration, it does provide a glimpse inside with its big glass windows, but you will be much more impressed once inside.

Prezzo is renowned for offering a quality menu at value for money prices. For example, there is a set lunch menu weekdays between 12-5pm that offers some classic dishes for only £9.95, which is very good value for the town centre. The main menu itself is updated regularly and there are daily specials, but in general you can expect your typical starters, breads & olives, salads, sides, pizzas, pastas, other mains and desserts.

There will usually be a selection of around 10-15 pizzas including classics like Fiorentina and Margherita alongside a few more unusual offerings like Steak & Rocket and Prawn & Lobster. And it is similar with the list of pastas. There will be familiar dishes like Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognaise, but if you are feeling more adventurous then you can try the Wild Mushroom Girasole (with buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket) or the Penne con Salmone (oak-roasted salmon fillet, broccoli and red chilli in a creamy tomato and pesto sauce).

The Grill section will also offer you a selection of burgers and steaks as well as duck and fish options which is a good choice if you are after something more substantial. However, if you are calorie counting or just looking for something lighter, then Prezzo has an innovative ‘Light’ option for its pizza and pasta menu, which will generally be a smaller portion with lower calorie ingredients and salad. A very contemporary idea that sets itself apart!

In the heart of the picturesque town centre, Prezzo is a middle-of-the-line chain. It is not too expensive, and for that you cannot expect Michelin Star quality, but what you do get is an extensive menu and a sleek and modern atmosphere as you eat. The company itself has won a number of industry awards and you won’t generally be disappointed by the standards Prezzo set.

James Martin