Carlo's Food & Drink

Set Lunch at Carlo’s Trattoria

Carlo’s Trattoria is an exceptional, little Italian restaurant that sits just a little further down the hill from Newlands Corner; a beloved place of outstanding natural beauty. It lies just off the Shere Road, on the outskirts of Guildford and is a delectable delight for local diners who treasure an intimate setting with their meal.

A family run business, Carlo’s pride themselves on their traditional and yet modern Mediterranean food, with each dish being hand-made, every ingredient being high on quality and freshly hand-picked. Guests are greeted by the welcoming staff who instantly create the feeling that every diner is a valued member of the family, in true Mediterranean style.

The set lunch menu offers two courses for the fantastic price of £12.95, or three courses for £14.95 and although the menu changes each week, a sample menu can be viewed HERE. A delicious example of what’s available to start is Paté della Casa; chicken liver and pork pate served with warm toasted Italian bread and caramelised onion. This gorgeous antipasti is beautifully light and despite the generous helping, each mouthful slides down with a velvety perfection that leaves the diner wanting more. Other options include Spaghetti Amatriciana, Atlantic prawns and Deepfried whitebait.

Main courses on the set lunch menu include dishes such as Roast loin of pork with apple sauce, Mediterranean seafood risotto, Homemade Ligurian sausage served with polenta and Carlo’s handmade gorgonzola and mascarpone ravioli. One other alternative afforded to guests is the Breast of chicken cooked in a white wine, cream and mushroom sauce; which sounds rather simple and basic, but creates a wonderful melt in the mouth medley of taste due to it’s rich flavours. After the main course, should the guest decide to pursue dessert as well, Carlo’s offers a wonderful range of ice creams and sorbets, cheesecakes, pancakes, cheeses, meringues and fruits.

With a subtle interior that manages to combine both the traditional and the modern as sublimely as their food, Carlo’s successfully adds to the experience of their food rather than detracting from it. The twinkling lights and crisp white tablecloths create a peaceful ambiance, while the cosiness of the layout gives a sense of familiarity, even to new guests.

The diverse menu guarantees something to suit almost any taste and the intimate setting and exceptional service creates an environment as relaxing as a meal at home, with all the luxurious benefits of dining out. The effort put into each dish is clear, which is why it has a great reputation for good food, good value and a fantastic atmosphere, whilst also previously winning awards for ‘Best Guildford Restaurant’ and ‘Favourite place to eat in Guildford’.

Take a trip to Carlo’s to experience a little piece of Italy and then enjoy a gentle walk with stunning views around nearby Newlands Corner to top off a great day out.

Charli Aisha Harris