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6 Top Things to do when the Family visits Guildford

It’s always a special occasion when the family comes to visit, especially when they’ve travelled far to see you. Entertaining them can be a fun experience here in Guildford, or in the Surrey area. 

With many attractions and activities for children and grandchildren, as well as adults, your family visitors will be left with a selection of reasons to visit you again.

If you need some inspiration as to what to do while the family comes to visit – here are some great ideas!

Boat along the river

If the weather is lovely, then it’s worth taking a trip down River Wey. The river runs along Guildford town and into the country and is one of the best features of the town. The scenery of the countryside alongside the riverbeds is a beautiful sight to see. You can take even a canoe and travel down the canoe route. To find out more information about River Wey and the canoe route, click here to visit the National Trust website for more details.

Guildford Castle

A treasured landmark in Guildford, the castle boasts historic features and activities for all the family members. To enter the castle is £1.60 for adults and £1.50 for children, but the castle grounds are free to enter, and worth the wander around. Click here for more information about how to get there and ticket prices.

Catch a Show

Many touring theatre companies, comics and music guests often make a stop in Guilford, or in the neighbouring Surrey area. A night out to see a show is always a fun activity for the family, and even the local performers are worth the watch as well. To find out more about shows coming to Guildford and to find out more about what’s on, click here.

Take a Drive to the Countryside

What makes Guildford such a unique place is that it is surrounded by the most beautiful countryside the South of England has to offer. Take the afternoon to drive around the country. Why not set up a picnic too, especially if the weather is on your side. If your family is coming from an urban setting, a break in the country will be a treat for them.

Airhop Trampoline Park

Airhop Trampoline Park is a fantastic destination for the kids to have fun. It’s the perfect place to take the children when the weather may not be in our favour. The indoor gym has plenty of giant trampolines and soft play areas for children of all ages to enjoy. Adults can even get in on the fun if they’re feeling brave enough. Young children though will have an absolute scream.

Visit Polesden Lacey

Another great landmark to visit is Polesden Lacey. Located in the Bookham area, it’s a 40-minute drive from Guildford. If you and the family are in need of a change of scenery, this is a great place to travel to. Although the estate is known to be a beautiful spot to visit, what makes Polesden a popular destination are the grounds. Surrounded by the countryside, and a small forest, the walk around is a spectacular path to follow. You can spend the day hiking around the grounds with the family and finish the visit with a trip to the estate’s cafe for an afternoon tea break.

For more inspiration about what you can do with visiting family, not only in the Surrey area, but across Britain, visit this guide by British Seniors Insurance Agency and find scenic walks, sites to see, golf parks and more.